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 CD - Melkion - ( English )

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The Jemboy
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Da Administrator Fury

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MessageSujet: CD - Melkion - ( English )   Mar 26 Juil - 17:40

"Melkion is the guard of one of the crowned Phoenixes of Akkylanie. These birds, extremely rare, are divine creatures for Griffons, because their body is only flames."

I have the honor to announce to you the nearest exit of "Melkion" my first Cd of pure improvisation, taking again the matter and concept launched formerly a few years ago by Keith Jarrett who is to sit down in front of his piano without any idea or melody, rhythm or harmony structure preestablished, letting thus simply the intimacy of its heart sing and its personality to be expressed in total freedom.

Of course my goal was not to seek has to imitate K.Jarrett and so sometimes an influence can feel that was not wanted, however I took a particular care has to make the matter of the pure improvisation without never breaking it,or cut it in other words has to close the eyes, to pose the hands on the keyboard and to start has to create instantaneously without knowing how been unrolled the music, I insist of course the fact that no preparation of some kind was made before the recording as of the these 6 parts, the recording did not undergo any assembly of some kind that it is, it remained has the rough state.

The ultimate goal of this kind of experiment is not any more to listen to the work of a musician but rather a musician has work in an experiment whose same do not know unfolding to him and who thus has something of completely single as much for the pianist that the listener.

Record in two meetings it represents part of the history of my musical life or Miss the secret imagination of an intimate feeling to the transitory dream of a total freedom. 6 Parts containing ready one hour of music completely to improvise.
Recorded on Imperial Bosendorfer.

1. Part I, 10"30 ------ Extrait
2. Part II, 7"56 ------ Extrait
3. Part III, 10"41 ------ Extrait
4. Part IV, 6"54
5. Part V, 11"11 ------ Extrait
6. Part VI, 12"17

The Jemboy
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CD - Melkion - ( English )
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