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 Go through drive through naked

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MessageSujet: Go through drive through naked    Ven 25 Mar - 11:10

Go through drive through naked
14. Go through drive through naked, excluding the rabbit slippers of course!
15. Go inside and ask in a load voice car camera if they got rid of the Ebola problems they've been having
16. Argue with your passenger (that's not there) and continue until you pay.
17. When they ask if that will be all tell them to hold on, your dog won't make up his mind.
18. After eating half your meal return car recorder it and say you got the wrong thing and ask for a refund.
19. As you're pulling away and they say "Have a nice day!" (with that retarded smile) put the car in reverse and ask them what the hell that's supposed to mean.
20. Order something from one fast food place night vision car camera then go to another drive through when they give you your food take one bite and say "No thank you starzmart
this tastes better (pointing to bag from other place), may i have my money back."
21. Play name that tune with person high resolution car camera taking the order.
22. Pretend your deaf and order in sign language.
23. Go through Taco Bell order the 7 layer burrito. When they repeat your order ask if each layer of the burrito is sold separately.
24. When they ask how you are today ir car camera proceed by telling them about your diarrhea problems, most likely due to the burger you bought from them yesterday and the day before that.
25. Go through a drive through after they tell you to pull to the window drive past it and go inside to get your order.

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Go through drive through naked
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