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The Jemboy
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Da Administrator Fury

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instrument(s) : Piano/Guitare
Loisirs : poésie, natation, philo
Date d'inscription : 25/07/2005

MessageSujet:   Mar 26 Juil - 17:44

17/10/2004 By Sketchee:

-I watched the video of the Carmen variations. That was some very sexy playing. Good work.-

17/10/2004 By Nana_Ama:

-lovely -

17/10/2004 By comme_le_vent:

-ur really good on piano, and alot better on guitar-

17/10/2004 By Goldberg:

-TheJemboy: he's talking about "beats per minute"--he wants to know how fast you play those nice legato scales on the guitar, in terms of metronome markings.

Anyway, I must say I liked your stuff. You are quite good on both the instruments, but it seems like (to me) that maybe you've been playing guitar a little longer. It's not that your piano playing lacks anything especially, but those guitar videos were pretty awesome, particularly for a non-guitarist like myself.

Also, that Godowsky etude really is a b*tch, and even though you did a good overall job on it, it would definitely be worth it to go back in there and work more heavily on individual trouble sections to avoid any breaks in continuity.

You did a great job on the Hungarian Rhapsody, though, and my favourite piano video was of that Volodos/Glinka piece. -
Anyway, Jemboy, keep up the great work! I look forward to the other recordings.

18/10/2004 By goalevan:

-very well done, I enjoyed the videos. let us know if you post any more : P-

18/10/2004 By super_ardua:

How difficult is the Chopin-Godwsky Etude....I might try it (I once tried the op.10 no.3 LH).

The recordings are very good-

22/10/2004 By mound:

Very nice work Alexandre. Impressive. How long have you been playing?

23/10/2004 By faulty_Damper:

-Hi Alexandre,
I noticed that you have a tan line that starts at your wrist; your hands are pale by comparison. That can only mean a couple of things:

1) you wear short sleeve shirts while wearing gloves
2) you keep your hands in your pockets while wearing short sleeve shirts
3) you are a cyclist!

Do you ride a Look? -

23/10/2004 By Antnee:

-Yes, the rhapsody can be tricky, but you manage it quite well! Good Work!-

22/10/2004 By pi:

-amazing. how long have you been playing?-

16/11/2004 By Mosis:

-Your octave technique is very impressive. How did you go about learning and how long did it take you to master those very fast octaves?-

21/11/2004 By Ludvig_Van_Me:

-Great work Jemboy, very impressive

I am looking for videos of people playing in similer video style as Jemboys, I am looking for people playing some Beethoven's sonata pieces such as 'Pathetique' 'Apassionata' 'Hammerklavier' and 'Waldstein'

Any help will be most appreaciated.


18/02/2005 By SteinwayTony:

-You play with a lot of tension in your wrists and arms! Are you currently studying with a teacher? He/she has a responsbility to point this out to you.

Also, I'm not sure if you notice, but your videos, at least the Godowsky as it was the only one I watched, was not spliced very discreetly at all.

Your playing is excellent, though!-

18/02/2005 By DarkWind:

-I was just about to mention this! Also, free up your shoulders, it seems like you barely used them at all. Otherwise, fantastic performances! Incredible Carmen Variations!-

20/02/2005 By Hmoll:

-Thank you for posting your site.
Don't take this the wrong way because I mean this as honest and constructive criticism.
You have pretty good facility, but the performances are overall uninteresting, and not very musical. You seem to be struggling a lot technically, and have a lot of tension. You say this is because of the piano.
To put your best foot forward, you might consider posting some pieces that are more within your technical abilities. That way you would be able to play more musically, and the performances would be more polished. After all, you want to show yourself in the best light possible, don't you?

21/02/2005 By aquariuswb:

-Jemboy --
Going for the Steve Vai look? You have his guitar, his sunglasses... and you can play very well! I also play guitar and piano, and as such, I am impressed with your abilities, especially because you are so young... speaking of which, how old are you?-
Jemboy... A little Yngwie Malmsteen? I used to play most of the Trilogy Suite, but I haven't listened to Malmsteen in ages. Very well done!

23/02/2005 By lostinidlewonder:

-So good to see some media from ppls here So i dont care if it is grade 1 or 100 its all great good awesome!

Of course you want the critic, because you have probably heard people giving you praise all the time. here is what i listened to and think (if i had to be critical). Overall its amazing, so i loved listening to it. And in recordings we never play our best anyway, so

Variations sur carmen on the upright, it looks like it is eating away at ur energy trasfer. It can't suck up enough, looks like you physically forcing big sounds because the instrument doesnt seem to react well enough. That reduces the effect of accented notes, they just dont seem to have enough bite.
Length of longer notes just vanish and you cant hear them, the crisp accent that should be natural at the peak of arpeggio runs aren't projected/accented enough.

Variations sur Ruslan & Ludmilla. When the Rh runs (seconds:22-25 and 28-31), it just seems like you need a lighter RH touch. Also this is important so that after the second 31 when you move into the next section it makes more sense, rather than just the same quality of sound traveling between the two parts. The control of touch doesnt seem to make the progression into the other sections sound logical and obvious. Sounds like someone speaking sentences without full stops if that makes sense.

Etudes N°12op.25 (Left Hand): Arm seems to me to move up and down a little excessively when running up arpeggios need to be refined slightly it may give you overall better controll/balance (cos i kept feeling that you should hold onto the piano or something with the other hand ).
More length in the singing notes especially as you come to climax. Tempo is ok, but can be faster of course and i think held back the slightest to give this more length to the big singing sections.

Oh the Chopin Nocturne was beautiful *sniff* lol-

26/02/2005 By pianostudent99:

-I think Jemboy is very talented. He can play classical piano, guitar, and jazz. All very well. Who else can do that? -

26/02/2005 By Shasta:

-Congratulations on your lovely performances! Thanks for sharing them on your website for us! -
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