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 one week cut prices

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MessageSujet: one week cut prices   Ven 20 Mai - 6:44

Wal-mart American starzmart stores entertainment business senior vice President Gary West Virginia sen (Gary Severson) an interview: "we did not cut classification." Similar as iPad tablet is selling very well, demand consumer electronics exceeded supply. He said: "we prefer it growth."West Virginia sen said, to September this year, the American shops will add 150 to 200 before a wireless products sales.It is 3C electronic products sales off-season, many products began to depreciate sales promotion.

19 reporter in fuzhou electronic market see, recent appear on the market by number of high-end hardware configuration notebook computer, but price is very affordable, basic concentrated in 5000 ~ 8000 yuan interval, whereas high-end computer often sells 10 thousand yuan.In addition, now most new laptop outside prices are in decline state. For example, in a foreign brand notebook computer, using i5 processor and dual graphics configuration, one week cut prices android tablet pc reach 300 yuan a month, whereas most depreciate 100 yuan.Now is the RongCheng electronic market sales, each brands off-season new time to market aimed at the hot summer market. It is reported, current many laptop online than entity shop cheap price of electronic market 3400 yuan, the many brick-and-mortar retailers speaking, the network has become their nightmare mall. On the other hand, tablet PCS are severely impact the popular notebook computer market, some laptop dealers in order to complete the task, every month to depreciate jilt ship the goods.

Shenzhen foreign trade import and export value is 1290.7 billion dollars, than last year the corresponding period (the same below) growth 44.6 percent, respectively, in guangdong and higher than the national import and export growth 16.1 percentage points, 14.9 percentage points; Among them, the total value of exports, growth 750.9 billion dollars for 46.7%; Import 539.8 billion dollars for android ebook reader gross, growth 41.7%; Realize 211.1 billion trade surplus, expand the scale 61.2%; It is worth noting, private enterprises import and export 405.7 billion dollars, 63.6%, a sharp increase in the import and export growth faster, 19 percent from the same period last year proportion of ascending to 27.8% fiberoptic ductoscopy.Processing trade import and export fast growth
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one week cut prices
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