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Da Administrator Fury

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instrument(s) : Piano/Guitare
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Date d'inscription : 25/07/2005

MessageSujet: & Others   Mar 26 Juil - 17:45

23/10/2004 By Joe Townley:

-NEWSFLASH!! I encourage you all to visit Jemboy's website (there's a link below this message in his entry)This young man is possibly the best combo pianist/guitarist on the planet and he has the videos to prove it!! Definitely worth a look-see-

27/02/2005 By Tom:


I really enjoyed your performance of the Schumann concerto. It's one of my favourite concerto's. Thanks for sharing it !

Tom -

27/02/2005 By Jeff:

-I honestly didn't see the thread. The Schumann was quite good! I enjoyed it. I was wondering how did you get an orchestra to play with you? I have always wanted an orchestra to play with me-

27/02/2005 By Mr.E:

-The Schumann concerto was, indeed, impressive.-

28/02/2005 By Dmitry:

-Excellent, very impressive playing!

I especially liked Bizet/Horowitz
"Variations sur Carmen"

Tell the Webmaster of Classic Cat to include your videos into the video links page.



28/02/2005 By Plwatcher:

-The Bach concerto was definitely my favorite --- the way you carried the melody made me not only envious but I soon found myself in a trance -

03 /03/2005 By daWF:

-This videos are very impressive. You're a wonderful musician-
If you don't mind my asking, where did you learn piano/guitar?

04/03/2005 By SusieQ:

-You play very beautifully - Thank you for posting your videos. you are an inspiration to me.-

04/03/2005 By SteveT:

-Great playing, well done. Your videos are very inspirational.
You deserve to develop a great career with such musical talent.
Good luck to you, and thanks for sharing the videos. -

05/03/2005 By Awakening:

-Very awesome stuff, Alex. You are indeed inspirational to me as a pianist (great Schumann concerto!), and very entertaining as a guitarist. I'm a big fan of neo-classical, blues and rock guitar, especially Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, etc., and I feel that you stimulate my desire to hear/see lightning fast shredding coupled with creative structure, melody and technique. I especially enjoyed the "When Yngwie Meets Jimmy" and "Black Star" videos, they were most impressive (maybe even more impressive than Yngwie Himself!). Keep up the good work, you're an amazing musician who absolutely kicks *** at two incredible instruments. Quite remarkable. -

11/03/2005 By Mikester:

-You have this amazing fluidity to your technique. Might I ask how you practice to achieve such fast speeds?-

11/03/2005 By iamcanadian:

-Anyway, your schumann concerto was quite impressive! Good job with the Cadenza - I've never heard it played so quickly!

You have incredible technique-

11/03/2005 By concertpianist12988:

-holy crap! That Mazeppa was hot!!! that was good...but im not an expert , but i thought the slower part could of been more 'p'. Althogh i've never looked at the music, but that was hotttt -

12/03/2005 By Sketchee:

-I've commented before on your videos before on but I don't mind saying again that their very fun to watch-

13/03/2005 By Forza2:

-I'm amazed by your playing. I wish I had started playing piano earlier, so I could achieve such a technique one day. Keep it up! -

13/03/2005 By TS:

-Holy Mazeppa!! That piece is intense, it must take a lot of concentration. Did you say you learned it in just 3 weeks? If so, that's quite the accomplishment. Good luck with your career.-

13/03/2005 By Plwatcher:

-Impressive fluidity and dazzling technique... OMG -- that melody in Mazeppa is too much .. the way you bring it out... without it appearing like its banging, even your loud sections are not as if your are simply slamming the keys... you draw the sound so well... alright let me stop.... time to hit replay....

awesome! -

14/03/2005 By Googlism:


I really enjoyed your playing. So far I've listened to the Mazeppa and part of the Schumann, and I must say I'm impressed. I'm sure the others are well done as well. It's a tad bit late here to listen to all - 1 a.m., so hopefully in the morning I can wake myself up to some of your Bach

Keep up the good work
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